Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Moving forward.

Well after finally completing a piece I feel a little artistically energized.  There is so much bad news all the time its hard to see any good.  At least we can get busy and work on what we love to do whenever we have the chance.  This morning is soooo foggy here in SW Florida but,  the sun will come up and burn off the fog and it will be a bright sunny day!  So here's to finding the sun and blasting through the fog of everyday life!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One Bowl Finished

Well life continues to roll right over me but I have managed to finish one of my paper mache bowls, newly titled.... "Which Way To The Beach?"

It was a total labor of love and hate but I have read that even the "Masters" when their paintings have been x-rayed they found that they had painted over things they were not happy with, sometimes multiple times.  This makes me feel better.  I would love some input?  My friends love the "Flinstone" feet.  Now moving on to finish the other bowl and get moving on some mosaic projects.