Monday, August 15, 2011

Turtle Rescue

Okay, so here is my first post and it has nothing to do with art. 
I started the day thinking I would work on some of my projects that are in the works but have ended up doing laundry, yard work and sneaking out to get my hair trimmed.  On my way home I spotted a large injured turtle on the side of the road with everyone speeding by, he was hurt badly, some of his shell broken away... I won't go into detail.  I put him in the back of my vehicle and transported him 30 min. away to meet with a volunteer shuttle which would transport him out to C.R.O.W (Center for the Rehabilitation Of Wildlife) on Sanibel Island, FL.  I will get an update maybe tomorrow on his condition.  My question is how do people hit a living creature and just drive on?
For any Gulf Coast Locals who would like to help out, here is the link to C.R.O.W.   I am hoping to donate to there anual art auction this coming year.

Well maybe some art tomorrow...

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MossyFrog said...

The turtle a Peninsula Cooter, did not make it. He was humanely euthanized since his injuries were far too extensive.