Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting back into the groove

Well the move is over and my studio is "mostly" back together.  Last night I started base coating one of my bowls, "The Three Amigos"  I was not thrilled with how intense the aqua turned out to be so I will be toning things down a bit on the final coat.  I am very happy with how the flowers have turned out.
I have also been reading some helpful books lately- Art and Fear & and The Artists Tao, both really good books to help with the self-doubts, I am also pushed forward by my local art group, building each other up and pushing ahead.

The full time day job really drags me down, I am sure it is the same with most other artists.  It will have to be a matter of being strong and prioritizing the big "to do" list.

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Buffy said...

Oh he's coming out so adorable,and I'm one of the lucky ones that gets to see it in person. xo